We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Services: Off-Shore Development Centre & Project Management

Application Service ProviderWe helps companies establish, maintain and leverage their Offshore Development Center (ODC) initiatives at our center in NCR (National Capital Region), India. An ODC is a captive pool of resources that work as an extension of your team. We offers the following advantages:

  • Increases your bandwidth and capability in terms of development, maintenance, testing and support
  • Helps fill in specific skill gaps and obtain access to resources and technologies that are hard to find
  • Build best practices by leveraging our experiences across products, industries and technology
  • Converts your fixed costs into variable costs – you can scale up or down based on market and business needs
  • Establish a 24 x 7 operations leveraging India’s extended time zone
  • Reduces costs since offshore resources are one-fourth of US / UK / Australia costs

Our key focus is Micro / Small / Start-up companies who are looking to get best value out of off-shore development / quality focused team working out of our office under our management with seamless integration with your existing team.

We currently have long term customer from USA & UK.

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