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Services: e-Commence & Business Web Application Development

Application Service ProviderWe work with our partners’ right from inception of project through completion and final implementation of the solution.

We deliver end-to-end software business application services that allow clients to achieve both quick wins & long-term results. Our track record of on-time, on-budget delivery is rooted in innutech’s development & management processes. Our client-centric approach to delivery differentiates innutech from many others. Through our local operating model, we adapt to the client’s way of conducting business, serving as true on-the-ground partners who can fully address client business challenges & needs.

Our knowledge base

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

innutech have in-depth understanding of business as well as technology to support CRM solutions. We can share our experience of CRM to help you device solution according to your business needs.

Rajesh Jain (founder of innutech), has been chief architect for several CRM solutions developed and implemented for various multi-national customers. The applications developed under his guidance are scalable and robust. The features like SMS, emails, CLI, IVR & Voice logging were part of standard offering to client.

Loyalty Platform

innutech have good understanding of business model around Loyalty Platform, we have been associated in development & implementation various solution in this domain for domestic as well international clients.

Apart from generic features like Earning & Burning of points (redemption), the Loyalty Platform solutions proposed by us have comprehensive ‘Business Rules’ definition & validation framework to allow system to configure various campaign with a conditions to account for ‘WHERE – WHEN – WHAT’, i.e. Localized based, Period base and Spending bases (LPS) rules.

Online Recharge Platform

We have worked in restructuring & redesigning the online-recharge solution for one the leading company in India. With our strong database design & technical framework, the portal has been immensely successful with 60,000 – 100,000 transaction a day (as of now – Mar’2014).

Our refined workflow with hassle-free user experience has boosted user experience and hence the number of user has climbed up with lower drop-out or failure rate.

Virtual Class Room Solutions

We have good understanding in Virtual Classroom Education Delivery Model, we have been involved in development of a platform to take care of complete Eco-system of PARENTS, TEACHER & STUDENTS seamless interaction using Virtual Classrooms.

We have good understanding of one of leading service platform API in this domain.

Data Analysis & Dashboard Reporting

innutech has been involved in development of a truly pragmatic marketing solution with its partner from UK, with a holistic approach to managing & analyzing marketing data for the business user.

A web-native solution, it solves the business problem by delivering tailored web based business applications. Our method of engagement is non-intrusive with little or no disruption of the corporate MIS resource; it consists of a flexible blend of technology and services driven by the client’s requirements.

Key function areas are include

  • Meta Data Modeler (a virtual data model of physical database)
  • Data Management – Data Query, List Building, Extraction
  • Reporting – User Defined Reporting
  • Query & Analysis – Data Counts & Other Analysis
  • Data Analysis – Venn Diagram, Drill Down Analysis
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