We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Services: Business Consultancy & Product Development

Application Service Provider

Product Development Consultancy

We specialise in working with new start-ups and established small to medium sized businesses which have a specific goal.

This may be business process automation, solution development & implementation, digital brand building, increase profitability & business market research and positioning your product.

We have been associated with companies right from the concept stage to final business model delivery.

Our senior associated consultants have over 100 men year of collective experience in the area of

  • Business Process Automation
  • Business Consulting
  • Account management
  • Progressive outlook – continuous increment in technology and functionality

“Imagine, Design, Develop, Deliver & Support”

We are with you and with you in all stages of product & service delivery! Always there, so that you focus on your customer.

We love what we do best.

Rajesh Jain – CEO & Founder INNUTECH

Our Product Offering | www.getmestarted.in

A venture by innutech and its partner to reach out to engineering graduates in helping “Bringing Aspirations to Reality”

WHAT IS GetMeStarted.in

A virtual digital platform catering exclusively to the dynamics and challenges of an engineering college and its students.

One of its kind in the industry which not only gives job advice but helps in matching college graduates with quality internship and entry-level positions through our existing partners & networks.

The platform’s mission is to simplify the internship / job search for engineering students by creating the industry’s most intuitive user experience, making it easy for young professionals to stand out in the application process and for employers to source the appropriate and best talent.

Our virtual platform is the dream resource for employment opportunities and career advice for recent technical / engineering graduates.

There are a lot of great reasons to Connect with Innutech.